Hyperprint Issue : PostRunScript.vbs

Hyper Print Issue (Error while printing)


 Hyperprint issue

 Symptoms: Hyper print stops working, unable to print documents, shows the above error (see in snapshot).

 Cause: Following DLL files are not properly registered

1. PrintEventManager.dll

2.  vbscript.dll

3. NMTSEManager.dll

 Solution: Registering necessary DLL

1. PrintEventManager.dll -Under \program files\Propalms\WTSServer\PrintEventManager.dll

2. vbscript.dll - if OS is 64bit vbscript.dll file is under %systemroot%\system32\ syswow\ : , for 32 bit vbscript.dll file will be under %systemroot%\system32\ . %systemroot% represents windows directory Path as it can be any drive .

3. NMTSEManager.dll -Under \program files\Propalms\WTSServer\NMTSEManager.dll

 Using regsvr32 command to register the necessary DLL files: Following are the steps to register the DLL files

1. Go to the DLL file location

2. Start run command and type regsvr32

3. Drag and Drop the required DLL file (See the Snapshot)

4. Press ok, DLL file registration succeded.


Hyper print 1.0


 Hyperprint 2.0

Follow similar steps for registering vbscript.dll file –under for 64 bit OS %systemroot%\system32\ syswow\ : for 32 bit vbscript.dll file will be under %systemroot%\system32\


At Last: Run services.msc in run window and restart print spooler services.

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